Online Products

These are online solution developed for some of our clients. We also manage some of this online platforms for our clients as part of our support and maintenance service. one of our most recent deliveries in this space is and which are both online ecommerce platform.

Other products are and support service.

program delivery

Indra Spain

We deliver a major digital bank payment platform for Indra a client based in Spain. this programme lasted for 2 years plus and is one of our major non UK based clients we have has as a company. we had a number of full time consultant on this project and it was delivered successful. We have also been privileged to work on the migration program of TSB bank. This was a  major delivery from our company as we were one of the IT suppliers for delivering the current TSB bank as you know it with the acquisition from Banco Sabadell Spain.

These are some IT and Digital application and also IT programmes that we have delivered for our clients. we have been privileged to work with huge companies in the consultancy and financial sectors in UK and Spain over the years like Indra Spain, Console Partners, Infosys, HSBC Global, TSB Bank and many more.